District heating

District heating

Seinäjoen Energia supplies district heating to the population centres of Seinäjoki, Nurmo and Peräseinäjoki. 80-90% of the properties in Seinäjoki are covered by district heating.

The network is constantly growing to new areas. The number of customers has almost doubled in 10 years.

District heating is heat produced in the nearby area, which employs local people and companies. The benefits of district heating include reasonable price, ease and effortlessness.


  • Production and sales
  • Network planning and construction
  • Maintenance
  • Geothermal heat and advice on energy



Inhabitants 40 000
Customer real estates 4227
The share of local fuels used in the production of district heating is more than 90%
District heating network 350 km

District heating 4 production points

Puhdistamonkatu Heating Plant 45 MW
Kapernaum Heating Plant 16.5 MW
Hanneksenrinne Heating Plant 120 MW

Seinäjoki Power Plant SEVO 100 MW
Heat bought from Vaskiluodon Voima Oy

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