Seinäjoen Vesi takes care of the city’s water and sewage network, the purchase and distribution of household water and wastewater treatment.

Most of the City of Seinäjoki’s household water (92%) is bought from local water purchasing companies. The rest is produced by the city itself at its five hydroelectric plants.

Wastewater is mainly treated at Seinäjoki Central Water Treatment Plant, and as an outsourced service, at Lapuan Jätevesi Oy’s treatment plant.


  • Purchasing and distribution of household water
  • Quality control
  • Construction and maintenance of the water and wastewater network
  • Wastewater treatment



Inhabitants 64 000
Customer real estates 15 760
Distribution of household water to Seinäjoki 15 185 m³ per day.
Wastewater treatment at own plants 6 milj.m³ per year.
Water supply network 1,208 km
Sewer network 619 km

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